Senin, 02 Agustus 2010

Davus an Artan Wizard

Davus awoke from his sleep. At the same moment he raised himself and sat down, his breath was gasped. His whole body was drenched in sweat. Just felt so real dreams. While known how many hundred times he had the same dream, but that time it was different. As if he really the most horrible event repeating it in his life. Instances where both parents so brutally murdered by three wizards from Novus race, right in front of him nearly six years ago. 

Davus without knowing it, has melted and the tears dripping over his dark green blanket, her body shaking with grief, resentment and fear that has been languishing for so long.

"Soon your age thirteen years and you still cry like a kid." 

Davus gasped and quickly wiped his tears with the back of his hand. "Ah, grandpa, I was only twelve years old. Somewhere out there I'm still considered a child," said Davus as he approached his grandfather who was standing in the doorway.

Gray-haired old man who was full of gray hair hit Davus’s head with his stick, "Stupid! You are an Artan race, thirteen-year mean age of maturation and increasing level of magic!" he snapped angrily.

Davus snorted, "Yeah, yeah, I know that. But no need to hit, right?"

The old man shook his head as he turned around, "Grab your wand, we continue your training."

Davus immediately picked up a one half meters long wooden stick which stands in the corner and followed his grandfather out. The old dark blue robes were waiting Davus in a position ready to fight, his hands clutched the handle of his wand as high as his chest. Davus also directly take a position, he stood face to face with the grandfather in a distance of five feet and clutched his cane with his right hand.

Without further ado, grandpa Gordon started attacking. He stream mana to his wand, light blue flowing from the palms of her hands and covers all parts of the cane. Not to be outdone, Davus do the same thing. 

After the glowing blue wand, with nimble grandpa Gordon spun while drawing a circle on the ground with the tip of his cane and then draw a magic seal in the circle. And as before, Davus doing similar things almost simultaneously with his grandfather. Then they tapped their sticks on the seals that have their pictures. From grandpa Gordon’s seal came a big flame, rotate once around him before finally sped rapidly toward Davus. 

Davus seemed calm, from the edge of his seal same the swirling water and raise, formed a thick wall and holding grandpa Gordon’s fire attack. Then with a quick movement but is very flexible, he drew a seal again and tapped his wand once again. Water wall collapsed, but the water that fell in the air and turned into a lot of needle ices, with a knock again Davus send the needle ice to attack his grandfather. 

But before hundreds of needle ices was about grandpa Gordonr, suddenly lands in front of that old man was pulled up very quickly, builds a wall of thick soil that resisted Davus’s needle ices. Tinkling sound loud enough when the nails of ice shattered walls and hit the ground. 

Both stopped the attack. Davus saw his grandpa smiling as he approached him, "Speed and strength of your attack already getting better. I think you ready for the maturation ritual."

 this is my first post in english, tell me if i make mistake, thank you

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